stock-photo-48364854-barbell-squatQuadriceps make the bulk of the muscles that connects your knees to the pelvic through the thigh area. As the name suggests, there are four illustrative muscle heads that work in complimentary ways. The rectus femoris, which are attached to the Ilium, makes the bulk of the quads. They help flex the hip. In addition, they controls and direct knee movements that makes it possible to walk, jog, dash and even jump all but effortlessly. On the other side, the outer vastus lateralis, the inner Vastus medialis and the vastus intermedius act in tandem to stabilize the knee and overall, your whole body. This makes the quads an integral part of a healthy body. But for their critical role in stabilizing and supporting the torso, they are also prone to injuries such as muscle strains, ligament tears and ruptures. For that reason, strength training is of essence since it makes them stronger, more powerful and adaptive to their role.

Rudiments of an effective, all-inclusive quads workout

An effective, factual and results oriented quads training regimen ought to be easy in execution, safe to do and versatile. If a workout regimen falls short of these, it becomes a recipe for disaster. It could easily cause quad strains, contusion and rectus femoris tendon tears . More so, good strength training program should be such that it’s all- inclusive and should have an impact even to the deep seated vastus muscle groups. Barbells are a fitting piece of equipment when it comes to weight training. They can be incorporated in squats, leg press and quads extensions exercises.

Five things that make barbells have an edge over other free weights

Barbells have a better grip
Owing to the diameter variations of the grip section, barbells are far easier to handle even when your palms don’t have a neutral grip. Your hands can be as far apart, or as close, as the intensity of the exercise may demand.

Are heavier and yet secure
The weight of the plates can be varied to suit the circumstances. One barbell can actually be used at different levels of weightlifting as this calls varying the plates. Even then, plates are secured into position by collar spin and locks. As such, they won’t slide out of position and cause injuries as you train.

There are numerous varieties to choose from
Barbells are of different makes and varieties. Just as there variations in quads exercises, there is always a matching barbell piece perfect for any unique workout.

Barbells are priced fairly
If you’ve already purchased a barbell set, you aren’t required to order another full set as you progress to higher levels. Bigger plates can be fixed on the same frame with ease. This saves on costs in the long run.

Why barbells make the difference for a quadriceps workout session
They command more muscle growth:
With barbells, you can lift heavier weights. They stimulate muscle fiber to grow in high numbers and within a short period. This fits leg squats and dead lifts workouts in particular where more resistance is required for muscle development and remodeling.

Consistency is created in barbell exercises
Barbells are plenty heavier than most other weights. For any session then, you just require to work with a single barbell set. This saves time and creates a consistent training regimen without interruptions in form of plate’s adjustment in between training.

Involve associated joints in the quads as well
Exercises that involve use of barbells require constant movements either in part or as a whole. For such, joints become part of the exercises. For instance, in squatting, multiple joints are strained. This improves their structure and impacts on their functionality.

Moves to avoid in quadriceps workouts using barbells

1) Do not attempt heavy weights if your body can’t handle it. Even as you seek to strengthen the quads, excessive strain is a primary cause of injuries to the underlying thigh muscles. Step by step advancement is a better approach. It’s risk free, manageable and effective.

2) For a novice, gyms make the best place to start out. At any one instance, you have a supporting hand. It’s a norm that as time goes, your muscles get fatigued and the grip on the barbells may loosen, in which case you need a spotter to assist. There are also many, sophisticated equipments in the gyms, which helps stabilize your moves.

Using barbells is an effectual way to balance quadriceps workouts. For their bigger weight and ease of use, barbells exert maximum
strain even to the deep seated vastus muscle groups. Since the barbells are adjustable, they can be used at different levels. They are versatile, easy to use and adjustable making them suitable for novice and advanced users alike.